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Be prepared for any situation with life and health insurance from David Angel Insurance Services. We have plans available for individuals and companies up to 10,000 employees.

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From our site you will be able to connect to just about every Health Insurance Company Site in California!  At our office, service is #1!  The reason we developed this site is to offer you 24 hour immediate access to any health insurance company site by just remembering! You'll never have to remember another site.  We'll link you to them all, in a click of your mouse! 

Who We Are

Find the perfect policy for your specific needs with services from David Angel Insurance Services, an insurance company in Clovis, California. Since 1980, we have provided customers in California, Arizona, and Texas with topnotch service and high-quality products. We offer individual and group health insurance plans, as well as market life, disability, long-term care, senior health, medical health, and prescription plans.
Our independent insurance agency offers you excellent services before the sale. We prioritize our clients by providing personalized service and unlimited
carrier options.

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Contact us to request a quote for coverage from our independent insurance company in Clovis, California.